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Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today

Robert McKee

Stories in the Sand

ABOVE: Graham Clarke explains his ancestral story of 40,000 years in the sands of World Heritage Mungo National Park…this was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had!

Storytelling and brands answer a deep human need – connection

Have you ever sat around told your stories, shared a special moment and just reflected. Finding that time to connection with friends, family and things you enjoy is a special and rare moment.

I help you find that unique story to help you engage and connect with your “campfire mates”…your marketplace!

Storytelling communicates ideas and helps people understand through a visual narrative via digital media. Storytelling by organisations nowadays is highly valued to create your point of differentiation and a meaning behind building your brand loyalty. I help you position all your messages, voice and purpose towards your visual communication, marketing and sales tools to tell and share your story…with the view to creating a fantastic brand following

Ultimately; people love brands they feel connected to. What you’re saying is ‘we understand you because we are you’. I help make that journey and connection a reality and helps you find that story to tell. This makes the difference in a competitive marketplace where the noise is loud or unclear and everything can seem the same. Differentiate through your story!

Please contact me and I’d love to help you in finding, defining and sharing your story!

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Join Graham Clarke on an unforgettable journey back in time to discover Mungo National Park. Traditional custodian of these ancient lands lived there 40,000 to possibly 60,000 years ago. When I get to help capture stories, it’s rewarding. Following Graham and learning his stories, his people and cultures was amazing. I love the richness and deep heritage. Graham draws his family story in the sand…magic!

The 2017 Junction Rally was held in Wentworth, NSW from the 15th & 16th July. It was a large collection of riverboats, vintage machinery, vintage vehicles and much more.

Beautifully styled to be a fun, relaxing and an entertainer’s paradise, Riverdance Houseboat has all the features and mod cons to ensure your next houseboat holiday is so comfortable you’ll want to book it over and over!

Situated just out from the heritage town of Moonta the Arura – Yorke Peninsula Group Accommodation and Function Centre is a great place for your large group functions such as schools, family camps, church or social groups, low cost conferences, trade shows, training camps, retreats, workshops and functions. I’ve produced a video story to showcase the centre and the region.

The ‘Murray River Bird’ has taken to the skies of Wentworth…Australia’s Murray Darling Heartland. The diversity of this wonderful and historic Murray Darling town is stunning. Sunrise at the Perry Sandhills to dusk at the Murray Darling Confluence and Thegoa Lagoon, you’ll love Wentworth by air during the floods. Using the drone to tell the story of the rivers joining and transforming the riverscape. Enjoy!

A wonderful group of Villers-Bretonneux French delegates visited its twin-town Robinvale, Victoria in October 2015. The delegation enjoyed many experiences and continued to strengthen the relationship with their Australian friends that established in 1985.

MalleeHighway.com.au : Australia’s Mallee region between South Australia and Victoria is a wonderful experience and great landscape. The best way to enjoy the mallee is understand the stories, people, heritage and environment to create a truly unique and memorable experience. I made this simple story video to share the journey, the freedom and the experience of the Mallee.

Over the years I’ve been a proud and passionate supporter of Australia’s Regional Robinvale Euston War Memorial. Here’s a small video showing the story of the journey for the park and a group of amazing and dedicated son’s of Diggers in the community. Its a joy to continue recording this journey. Here’s a look back on the park’s development and the great men who’ve made it possible ready for its opening on April 24, 2018.

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