Why Zesty Shane

Why Zesty Shane?

You can’t put an old head on young shoulders


Something that’s zesty is fun, exciting, adds zing, tingles and something different, maybe even a little bit loud but great value.

You can also talk about food that tastes Zesty. When you eat a zesty lunch or dinner, it’s flavoured, unique or got the special bazinga in it…makes you go yum! It’s the special something that gives it the “ooh, these enchiladas are Zesty!” and yes I like enchiladas… The adjective comes from zest, the word for the outer part of an orange or lemon peel, which is often added to recipes for extra flavour. Source


  • Interest or excitement
  • Spirited enjoyment; gusto

I’m the ‘Zesty Sauce’ for your Brand.

“Brand is the DNA on everything you are and tells the world what’s unique about you…what you stand for! That’s why I love helping businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals understand their Brand All Star Story so they can fully and profitably reach their potential and rocket through personal development, business and life!” Zesty Shane 

Shane knows that brand positioning is the new currency

As an experienced branding expert he helps businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals with their brands to gain visibility through their authentic voice, story and unique positioning.

Shane considers himself the Zesty Sauce for those that want to go to the next level as entrepreneurs, modern business owners and individuals who realise it takes more than their expertise to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

He channels his expertise as a mentor and coach to allow you to show up fully and well positioned so you can confidently get targeted clients and opportunities while being yourself in your voice, image, story, marketing and sales.

“Time allows for great plans to unfold.” Zesty Shane



Time = Experience

What I contribute to you is both experience and a future opportunity.

An opportunity wrapped up with passion for life, new ideas, actions and successful, proven results.

A zest for success!

Empowering Your Brand Vision Brander Idea Connector Visual Communicator Life Wire Entrepreneur My Essence: Creator My Personality: Zesty My Mission: To Help You Create Value Having been in business a long time I have developed experiences, skills, knowledge and education you just can’t get from a young mind. We all used to be young and life teaches you many lessons. Over those years my level of expertise in design, branding and communications is now very high. I can take any project, product, service, process, person or company and give you a plan that will guarantee success. Time allows for great plans to unfold. Due to this experience I know the short cuts, the pitfalls, the issues and have full confidence in the outcomes that bring the best value to you. I hope you enjoy my Zesty website and skills. Please contact me if we can work together! Cheers, Shane

Your Purpose

“My purpose is to make a positive difference for my clients in their world.” Zesty Shane
Zesty Shane Strudwick Drone Pilot

30+ years


Brand and visual communications come in all forms – from offline to online. With over 30 years experience I’ve created thousands of memorable visual communications, design and brand pieces. Some are now over 20 years strong as effective brands.

Design is perceived as a young person’s industry… however I’d argue you wouldn’t use a young lawyer or builder for top level work…you need the best person with the best experience. If you want to avoid the pitfalls, headaches and create a sustainable plane for your investment, I’m your man!

I’m a successful brand strategist with years of business experience that can help develop your projects goals.

Please contact me if we can work together!

Life is Zesty!

Zesty Shane Strudwick Drone Pilot

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