Branding Pyramid

Brand Pyramid

Become a Brand All Star

Brand Pyramid Workshops are valuable as they help facilitate a sustainable brand culture and future either personally or for business.

Your brand always begins with your values.

A Brand Pyramid drives culture, teamwork, change and a foundation of many organisational goals, actions, strategies and initiatives for many years into the future. They also create organisation wide agreement and understanding about customer services and values.

The Brand Pyramid for organisations is valuable for several reasons:

  • It creates consensus and awareness amongst the board, management, staff and other stakeholders with regard to what the organisation wants to be, who it serves, why, how it should make customers feel and what the organisation’s core customer values are.
  • It clarifies emotional brand fundamentals – i.e. what drives your organisation and how that can show up in the staff, management, stakeholders  for the customer.
  • The Brand Pyramid sets a strategic foundation of the organisational brand which is great for planning!
  • It provides a framework for consistency to keep everyone going in the same direction. This is also great for new employees, consultants, volunteers, members etc.
  • The Brand Pyramid can be used with staff and management or internal reviews as well. i.e. how have your shown the essence or organisational values recently.

The Brand Action Brand Pyramid workshops have proven to be an essential reference tool and can be applied across any organisation or individual. It has been successfully applied with local government, private sector, small business and individuals with outstanding results based on their key values with a customer service focus.

Some feedback from workshops includes:

“Ownership in times of so much change allows participants to be grateful to be part of something they are driving also that if an organisation is heading in a direction it pulls everyone together.”
“Traditionally branding is enacted by a select group and level of management without ownership in an organisation.”
“Now we can understand as an organisation it’s how we roll. This is us.”

Workshops can be from 2 people to 45 people and in the end the result is the same, bespoke and customised to the values and what’s important to that organisation. Or for personal one-on-one consulting we go through the Brand Pyramid so you get absolute clarity in your personal life.

It only requires 4 hours for larger workshops and 2 hours for small groups of 5 or less the more ‘stakeholders’ involved the better for complete organisational investment and buy in.

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