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The chance to live and experience other cultures, landscapes, foods and life is a wonderful gift. Travel to me replenishes my soul and connection to the world and myself. Enjoy this tiny range of ‘travel’ that I love and how I integrate that into my passions of design and photography…enjoy!
Mexico Zesty Travel Story

/In 1999 I was at the end of a world trip from Australia to Europe and then the USA. Nearing the end of the trip I wanted to travel across the arid regions of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico as the landscapes are stunning and I enjoy my photography and new experiences. While in Phoenix I realised I was close to the Mexican border and decided to head to El Paso and have a day trip to Juarez, Mexico. My visit to Mexico was very short lived after a mugging and here’s the story of how this one incident changed my life forever. Enjoy! PS apologies for my pronunciation of Juarez.

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Zesty Happee Trails eBook designs

One of my passions is the development of new experience based tourism resources for travellers. I’ve designed a range of tourism ebooks under the brand Happee Trails These digital guides allow visitors to an area, town and region to better discover the unique character, stories and heritage of that place.

Firstly I’ve started in my home town and region of Adelaide, South Australia and the Murray River. This allows me to express a passion of exploring and discovering the small, local stories of our wonderful planet. The books have audio components to them and interactive features. More >

Happee Trails eBook

When I visited New York in September 1999, I remember lying the camera on the ground and shooting straight up under the World Trade Centre Buildings. This was back in the days of film. The buildings were incredible to stand under. There was no one around considering there were thousands of people occupying them. It was almost desolate. Despite the horrid events that happened just two years later, this is one of my favourite travel photos.

New York is my favourite city to travel to. It has such an iconic status, culture, history and diversity and the Chrysler Building is my most favourite building. Construction started in 1928 and at 1,046 feet (318.9 m), the structure was the world’s tallest building for 11 months before it was surpassed by the Empire State Building in 1931. I love Art Deco architecture and this is the king of Art Deco buildings for me.

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100% Experience Seeker!

Thanks for looking around and getting this far even into the Zesty site. Here’s a range of fun images and things important to me on the journey! Experience is every photographer’s dream! 

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