Norwood Morialta High School Pedal Prix

Norwood Morialta High School Pedal Prix Branding

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NMHS Pedal Prix Video

Video was used all season for a variety of reasons. Trainings, education, research and reflection. Video was used in every race and then edited and shared on the social media platforms. This video was a collection of images and video from the whole season showing the journey of Team Focus and the energy and effort that went into a successful 2019 season. Video is also vitally important as a tool to reflect on later in life. I love keeping plenty of photos and video handy for that very reason. These times will never return and video and photos ensures good records of prior events are kept alive always.

Pedal Prix Trikes

The pedal prix community is a great opportunity to promote the school’s brand. Designing strong and bold team names along with a consistency of the school’s overall brand with the use of shapes and colours allowed for individuality in the teams that also worked together.

Pedal Prix trailer

Working with the staff and students at the school, I undertook to help the school secure a new pedal prix trailer and then assisted in the development of the school’s branding that both worked for the complete school as well as assisted to promote the pedal prix team.

Team Invitation to Join

It was important that school also internally saw the professionalism and the way the sport was addressing its communication seriously. Flyers were produced to encourage students to participate in pedal prix and they could find out more information online or asking a teacher. Again it was important for the brand to connect through all its channels to prove a consistent brand voice and message.

Pedal Prix Stickers

Once the designs are approved, then it’s a matter of designing the stickers ready for vinyl cutting to 100% of size.

Team Focus Shirts

Working with the team, we designed these Team Focus shirts. The goal of the shirts and racing kit was to present a professional and uniformed approached. Branding and consistency unifies a team as well as says to the competitors ‘you’re one team, you’re organised and you’re ready to compete’. Keeping win with the school’s colours and brand, yet allowing the freedom of the team’s needs was the balance.

NMHS Pedal Prix Social Media

Social media is an important part of the brand for the pedal prix team. This keeps up communication to the broader community. One of the team members took responsibility for the Digital Marketing role and produced videos, posted updates and keep the school’s and pedal prix community current. This also elevated the brand of the teams and schools further, gaining more brand reach.

Team Certificates

Flowing on from the pedal prix team’s branding are the end of season certificates. It was important that all elements of the teams and schools brands remained appropriate to retain consistent and professionalism. The certificates remained visually connected to the branding and were digitally printed and laminated with the team photo on the reverse for posterity.

History of Pedal Prix

When the season was nearing competition, I decided to put a history of the school’s Pedal Prix teams together as a book. Working with one of the former teachers, Rob Spurling who had all the resources and knowledge, we were able to compile a very interesting keepsake for the heritage of the sport in Australia. The book was digitally printed in limited run with Blurb and available as a pdf to interested parties. The flipbook above means viewers can also enjoy a look back and the sports ‘Evolution’.

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