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It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

Henry David Thoreau

Illustration is a wonderful medium for communication. While illustration isn’t a core strength of my skill sets, it is a creative style I very much enjoy and work with illustrators when necessary to better communicate what’s required for my clients.

NEOtech Coatings

Using an isometric style of illustration we needed to explain the complexity of their Super Therm® Insulation coating and benefits for energy savings in homes and business. The illustration show’s a journey and 5 Steps to success.

Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism

Working with the Fleurieu Peninsula, Kangaroo Island and Adelaide Hills Tourism, I produced this map of their regions as a simple give away that illustrations to visitors all the experiences in each area. Using some custom designed icons the map is a visual representation that is easy for visitors to look for their own experience. More Fleurieu Peninsula Designs >

All Seasons Holiday Park Map

Maps are essential for holiday parks to guide their customers to the right cabin or camp area. I produced this design was introduced to make the park more contemporary and is uploaded to the client’s website and is updated as the client’s location changes. All Seasons Holiday Park branding >

Mungo Preservative Co Label

Mungo Lodge approached me to design a new label to assist one of their chefs to develop a new Mungo Tomato Relish. As the lodge had emus on the station we felt it would be great to create a caricature of an emu for the label. Keeping it fresh, fun and casual. Mungo Lodge Branding >

No Da Feet

This design was born to help a group of water skiers on the Murray River raise funds for their charity. The design was unique with the water skiing pelican and have a fun and fresh design they could use on T-shirts and video.

Discover Murray River Passport and Visitor Guide

The development, concept and design of the Discover Murray River Passport and Visitor Guide was developed to help visitors and local businesses promote the Murray River region. I also built and developed new town maps for visitors and a new illustrated stamp system for all the visitor centres along the region to encourage visitors to stop and enjoy each town. The booklet was designed as a handy A5, 172 pages with vouchers. Discover Murray River Branding >

Toilet Signs

I designed these toilet signs as part of the Splash Park for All Seasons. We agreed the signs had to be fun and have a theme. I’d suggested rather than normal toilet symbols to create superhero characters for children to relate to and feel great about themselves. The colours are in fitting with the park’s overall visual identity and work great. All Seasons Holiday Park branding >

NEOtech Coatings caricature

Working with an illustrator, I designed these two characters for NEOtech Coatings. NEO is the Super Hero for insulation coatings who is stopping the antagonist Solis who represents the harsh environment. The characters were designed to visually represent the issues of managing heat and also sets them apart from their competition. NEOtech Coatings branding >

Mildura Shared Riverfront

Along the length of Murray River in Victoria, a strip of land approximately 60m (or 3 chains) in width was permanently reserved for public purposes in 1881. The 1989 Land Conservation Council Mallee Area Review classified the majority of this public land as Murray River Reserve, to be managed to protect its natural and scenic values, conserve flora and fauna, protect sites of archaeological, cultural and historical importance, allow flood mitigation, protect stream banks from erosion and provide opportunities for informal recreation. I designed and illustrated a series of interpretive signs that communicated the benefits of this in different parts of the walk for the Mildura Rural City Council. Mildura Region Branding >

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