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The only source of knowledge is experience.

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So how do I brand myself in LinkedIn:

Empowering Your Brand Vision
Idea Connector
Visual Communicator
Life Wire Entrepreneur

My Essence: Creator
My Personality: Zesty
My Mission: To Help You Create Meaningful Value

I run several companies and the roles in those companies align very well to maximising my efficiency and experience. Starting in the printing industry in 1988 I was employed in many businesses over many years in the branding, printing and design industry. I’ve travelled around the world several times and worked in Queensland and New Zealand as part of that journey.

Business Joys

Brand Action (Director, Designer/Brand Manager) – February 2000 to present
NEOtech Coatings Australia (Director) – March 2020 to present
Discover Murray River (Managing Director & Travel) – 2006 to present
ARKObots (Business Development) – 2019 to present

I hope you enjoy my Zesty website and skills
Cheers, Shane

Hi...I'm Zesty Shane Strudwick


I have considerable experience as a website designer since 1997. This includes tourism eMarketing, executing strategies with websites, email, social media, mobile apps, mobile websites QR codes, video and ebooks to promote tourism businesses and destinations along with traditional media. I have applied this experience into my current businesses.


  • Tourism Product & Development
  • Executive Presentations
  • Public Presentations
  • Public Speaking
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Training & Assessment
  • Course Program Development
  • Branding & Marketing
  • eMarketing & Web Design
  • Print & Digital Software
  • Social Media
  • Photography, Video & Editing
  • Communications
  • Publishing & Author
  • Drone Pilot
  • Mentoring


Advance computer skills on Mac relating to print, video, photography digital, design and media:
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Dreamweaver
  • Acrobat
  • Word
  • Powerpoint
  • Keynote
  • Excel
  • Xero
  • Previous: Quark Xpress, Freehand, Flash


Diploma Tourism & Travel
Torrens University Australia

Small Business Management

Cert IV in Training & Assessment (TAE)

ATDW eKit Certified Trainer

Front Line Management, Planning & Estimating
Advance Trade Certificate

Level 2 Coaching Accredited

When I started my original design studio: Design Train in February 2000. I wasn’t sure on it or my direction. Over the past 20 years I’ve learnt more about myself, business and creating opportunity. During that personal development I stretched significantly as a person and even wrote a book as a cleansing during that process. In 2014 I pivoted to Brand Action, seeing how the internet was changing design and how my skills had shifted. However, today I’m grateful for some early decisions and trying to pivot and flexible in a dynamically changing world.

“I hope we can create some great things together” Shane S

NEOtech Coatings Australia

Managing Director : March 2020-present

Savings up to 20-50% on energy and blocking 95% of heat is our insulation mission. NEOtech Coatings are authorised Australian distributors for SPI Coatings (USA). We provide globally proven, highly innovative and unyielding coating solutions that shield, protect, insulate and save energy from the harsh Australian environment! Find out more neotechcoatings.com >

Brand Action

Director & Senior Designer : 2000-present

In 2000, I decided to open my own design studio, Brand Action in Adelaide and have continually operated it successfully for nearly 20 years in the branding, design and visual communications sector. This has allowed me to work with government, national and SME businesses with a particular specialty in the tourism industry. Find out more brandaction.com.au >


Business Development: June 2018-present

ARKObots® is a new, exciting and innovative STEM education technology program that offers a diverse range of learning strategies that link the digital and physical worlds through combat robots. This gives students, teachers and digital leaders a better knowledge and application of robotic designs. ARKObots® utilises the skills of design iteration, CAD, 3D printing, electronics and programming for unique STEM results in schools! Find out more arkobots.com >

Discover Murray River

Director of Travel Marketing: 2000-present

Discover Murray’s always been a passion of mine. It is the perfect blend of all my skills and enjoyments. Design, Photography, Travel, History, People, Business and legacy building. I have worked extensively since 2005 when I started the business. Since then I’ve diversified and continuing to grow. Loving what I’ve achieved over the years for the Murray River region: One River; Many Lands. Find out more murrayriver.com.au >

Roles within Discover Murray

Tourism & Communications Experience

I have considerable experience as a website designer since 1997. This includes tourism e-marketing, executing strategies with websites, email, social media, mobile apps, mobile websites, QR codes, video and editing and ebooks to promote tourism businesses and destinations along with traditional media such as books, brochures, signage and print.

In 2006 I established the brand Discover Murray River brand : murrayriver.com.au.

This website was originally started in 1998 when I acquired it to take the river’s branding to a much higher level. My passion for the river was born out of the fact there was very little quality and holistic branding when it came to promoting our great river across the 3 states of Victoria, NSW and SA.

To successfully achieve this I’ve had to remain 100% objective to ensure all the regions were promoted equally and fairly. I have kept that integrity all these years later with a stoic approach to maintaining my vision and belief. The Murray River website attracts over 1.5 million visitors annually and has been in operation for 21 years and I’ve been able to remain objective and to the cause of the greater picture that it is ‘one river, many lands’.

ATDW eKit Trainer

My experience was self evident in 2013 when I wrote and developed a training program in conjunction with the SATIC for the ATDW Tourism eKit. I had to develop a training program that delivered 5 industry training classes across regional South Australia. This was highly successful and my knowledge in digital marketing, branding and tourism were the key pillars for that success.

Sustainable Business & Stakeholders

Discover Murray has successfully become a sustainable business model that does not rely on government funding and is the ‘go to’ website for the Murray River region. It has excellent SEO rankings and high levels of credibility which were part of our values. Being active along the Murray has given me extensive experience in working with Tourism Australia, Tourism Victoria, Destination NSW and SATC. Along with working suitable RTOs and with many of the 24 Shires and Councils along the river.

I have also worked with Regional Development Australia. I was a board member on the South Australian Tourism Industry Council and I’ve presented at tourism conferences including Future Tourism Conference and the ARTN Conference and have been actively involved in the tourism industry for nearly 15 years with a core skill set in tourism destination marketing in regional Australia.

National Landscapes Chair

In 2009 I chaired the Tri-State National Landscapes Committee that would have brought Victoria, NSW and SA together with Mildura being the heart of a new National Landscape region in Australia. Although this program didn’t eventuate I was a firm believer and driver to put the region on the international map as a unique and world standard tourism destination.


Running a business is highly demanding, however my ability to move quick, deliver results and be both accountable and responsible are essential skills for this role. I am able to work with all stakeholders and empathise with their needs while keeping the overall picture in mind. I can negotiate with contractors and through challenging situations. I’m pragmatic to ensure as best as possible that issues are avoided where possible and I am a great communicator through all methods, whether that is face-to-face, written, video or on the phone.

I also have an absolute range of top class skills in the creative sector. This will maximise Mildura Tourism’s opportunities. There’s no medium or communication that I haven’t been part of in my career. You may be very surprised what is possible in the digital landscape that has high value with little dollar investment. I can manage, mentor and listen as I enjoy leadership and I can follow but will question situations if they don’t make sense or fit the agreed objectives. I also spend my client’s money like its my own…frugally.

Essentially all the skill sets and competencies outlined in the application I’m capable of along with taking criticism and direction as well to learn, grow and improve. Essentially leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality and that’s something I’m very passionate about. I feel comfortable helping Mildura and surrounds grow its future opportunities. Thank you, Shane.


Secondary: Parafield Gardens High School – South Australia – Matriculated – 1987

Tertiary: Acceptance as History Teacher – deferred for Apprenticeship

Trade: Completed Apprenticeship in Printing. Pre-press 1992 – Apprentice of the Year

Employment History

  • Bright Tiger Design/Design Centric (Senior Designer) – June 1997 – February 2000
  • Hyde Park Press (Designer) – April 1997 – June 1997
  • TAFE Lecturer (part time in Quark and design, Croydon) – 1997
  • EXPO Digital Media (NZ) (Designer) – November 1996 – April 1997
  • Cityscan Communications (NZ) (Designer) – April 1996 – October 1996
  • Hyde Park Press (Designer) – February 1995 – April 1996
  • Cairns Post (QLD) (Compositor and Designer) – March 1994 – December 1994
  • Wallis Print (Prepress and Designer) – October 1993 – January 1994
  • Graphic 200 / Mac and PC (Designer/Operator) – July 1993 – October 1993
  • Headliners (Designer and Typesetting) – June 1992 – July 1993
  • Riceprint (Prepress Supervisor) – November 1991 – June 1992
  • Swift Printing Services (Apprentice Compositor) – January 1988 – November 1991

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