Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism Map

Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism

Boomer Beach
Port Elliott

#more than a day trip

The Challenge

The Murray River is 2520 kilometres long and runs as a border between NSW and Victoria and finishes at the Coorong in South Australia.

The Solution

First the key was to develop a brand for the Murray River – Discover Murray River was born in 2007.

The Process

Once I’d worked through the current brand needs of the client we started developing different visual identity elements with digital maps that aimed to continually build the presence in the region and for visitors.

The Deliverables

  • Maps
  • Illustrations
  • Signage
  • Interpretive elements
  • Photography

Fleurieu Penisula Tourism Map

Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism needed a new tourist map for the region and ATE. They contacted me to help with the design and production of the maps. The client was looking for something fun and conveyed easily to visitors to the region accessibility to the local towns and what’s in the area.

We sourced a range of images to use on the map and designed it to be used either digitally or printed. The map was translated into Chinese. They client’s byline is #morethanadaytrip

Fleurieu Penisula, Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island Tourism Map

Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism contacted me after the success of the first map to assist with a tri-region map promoting the different experiences in the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island. After much collaboration between the stakeholders, I drew up a series of bespoke icons for the map that was supplied to the client electronically.

Fleurieu Peninsula Boards

Design of a large display board at Wellington on the Murray River. The client wanted a design that fit in with their existing maps and could be a large display with the other regions for visitors coming to the area. This also extended to the design of all the boards below within the brand guidelines for each region.

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