Creativity to me is the ability to express ideas

It’s not just art, design or photography. Looking at something with a fresh perspective in order to create an outcome is creative. As a Zesty Creator I also believe in the power of ideas, storytelling and branding to communicate those ideas.

My ideas are expressed through my passions, experiences, thinking on top of the box and enjoyment of my crafts and I’m grateful for a range of skills including:

Graphic Design

Design to me is the ability to communicate using various physical forms. In my case design is about creating a message, theme, mood or strategy that shares ideas and emotions to motivate the viewer to enjoy, feel, sense or experience the message in some form. Design >


Branding is highly creative. The art of Branding is about positioning your ‘Image/brand’ with differentiation in the marketplace. A Brand can be anything, people, companies, products and services. Brands can be animals, countries or cars. Everything has a perception and that’s the Brand. Creating a point of difference in the marketplace takes creativity and the courage to be different and stick to your story. Branding >


Photography has been a passion of mine since the age of 13 when I got my hands on my first camera. I was never encouraged to take up photography but found an affinity with capturing images around me. Photography allows me to be present to the moment and enjoy the beauty of our world. I have a real interest in the environment and architectural photography. Photography >


Video is a wonderful creative tool that allows for many different ways to tell stories. Its become an accessible creative and communication medium. I enjoy video to showcase experiences, tell stories, share information, educational tool and record keeper. Video >


Designing logos takes time and it takes attention to detail. The challenge is distilling the personality of the business, service or product to a distinct, unique and individual symbol the customers or the marketplace can identify with. It takes time to research the needs of the customer along with the target market’s need. I’ve been designing logos for a long time with some logos still utilised by organisations for over 20 years. Logos >

Website Design

When I first started in print I identified early on that I need to learn how to type and understand computers. Since those early days of typesetting…pre-internet, digital was the new communication as desktop systems started taking on the role of design. Since then I started designing for the web in 1996, purchased my first digital camera in 1999 and become immersed in the digital communication landscape. Websites >

Digital Design

Digital designs can include content such as presentations, epub, pdf, social media, websites, email and web ads, digital billboards and digital signage and 2D animation. Due to the wider skill set needed to produce these creative pieces, graphic designers like myself are specialising in digital design are experienced with industry tools like, Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign etc. Digital Design >

Historical Design

The art of Historical Design is very interesting. I’ve been designing interpretive and historical signage, print and digital items for many years. The key to a quality design is remaining sensitive to the elements and historical story while keeping its context. Historical design is very much a passion of mine and I’ve worked with many local groups, communities and organisations to deliver contemporary yet appropriate design services. Historical Design >

Digital Art

Art is an important part of our society. I studied art up until High School and have a real love for art in all forms. Traditional paintings, Aboriginal art, street art and everything in between. Due to time and cost of traditional painting, I do enjoy using the iPad for simple watercolours paintings to express my creativity, passion and eye. Creating images. My favourite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. See my digital art >


The need for illustration is becoming very important. Communication requires simple messages and simple visuals. Illustrations have a valuable place in the branding process to easily get a message across. In fact humans identify illustrations and photographs 50,000 times faster than words. Illustrations >


Marketing is a very rewarding way to communicate messages to the marketplace. I see this as a way to be creative in your messages which builds your brand, creates differentiation and gives the client new ways to look at opportunities. Communication is critical in marketing and the art of Marketing through all forms of visual communication is truly rewarding. Marketing >


I must admit…I’m a typo geek. Love typography and fonts. They are beautiful art in their own right. They have their own sense of character, craft and emotion. In this website I’ve used Oscine, Mesuo and Marydale. They have their own feeling and intent. I’ve also dusted off an 100 year old font and created Mallee Wooden and a hand written font called Georgee for children with Dyslexia. Typography >

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