Mungo Lodge Branding

Mungo Lodge Branding

For thousands of years, since Dreamtime, the Aboriginal people have walked the lands of Australia as their ancestors did. The World Heritage site of the Willandra Lakes and Mungo National Park is of international significance as a place to share in the story of a journey through time – from the evolution of landscape, flora, fauna and humans. It is a place which will stimulate both the mind and the body. 

This video was to created as a marketing tool that would showcase the diversity of the lodge, its services and experiences. In essence tells a story about the Lodge’s unique position in Australian tourism. I utilised my skills in design, copywriting, video, photography and drone to bring all the story elements together for the overall branding. Video >

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“Mungo Lodge worked extensively with Shane who designed and delivered our two websites including all the photography, media and video content, he provided the strategy to build our brand, logo design, digital marketing, brochures, banners and signage. Shane delivered a complete package for the lodge and gave us a professional profile and recognisable brand that was instrumental in our business developing into the domestic and international market and tripled our business in a very short time. Shane was always available and generously shared his vision and creativity including on site visits. I can not recommend him highly enough.” Louise Burgess

Mungo Lodge Website

‘Unearth Mungo Ancient Story’ 

Mungo Lodge approached me to rebrand their business. Keeping the foundations of their exisiting logo I started with understanding their current ‘brand positioning’ and then after a site visit developed their visual identity.

This included photography, drone, design, new byline ‘Unearth Mungo Ancient Story’ and brought everything together to tell the story of the outback lodge on the edge of a World Heritage Landscape. I also created a targeted SEO strategy. The client wished to manage their social media.

Mungo Guided Tours Banner

The Mungo Guided Tours banner is placed in various visitor centres around the region. It has been designed to ensure the visual identity and branding is consistent with the overall business and Mungo Lodge.

Mungo Guided Tours Flyers

The DL flyers were designed to easily communicate the Mungo Guide Tours available and could be updated with price changes as needed. The flyers are digitally printed short run and I’ve ensured the visual branding elements are consistent across all the materials.

The business cards are more for the lodge’s needs and maintain an earthy, clean nature to their design yet still retain the visual brand elements. The use of photos on the cards is aimed to showcase the world heritage landscape of Mungo National Park and the lodge’s accessibility.

Mungo Lodge Photography

As part of the Mungo Lodge rebranding required a complete photo shoot of the lodge and the accommodation. I set about ensuring customers and visitors would have a complete sense of the quality of the lodge as an ‘Oasis in the Outback’. The images included both aerial and ground shots including scenic flight photos and video from around the Mungo National Park. Fortunately I have a diverse range of skills and experience that ensure customers have the complete package in their Branding. Also I bring a cohesion to the project development as I can see how things all fit together right from the start. This saves time, money and headaches.

Mungo Guided Tours Bali Flag

The Mungo Lodge is at the end of a long dirt road just before the National Park entrance. I designed this 4 metre tall Bali Flag to place at the entrance of the lodge driveway. It’s objective was to attract passer’s by to stop for a coffee or bite to eat. The colours were beautifully integrated with the brand and chosen to stand out from the local surroundings.

Mungo Tours 4WD

Mungo Lodge purchased a comfortable 4WD to do tours from the lodge around Mungo National Park. The 4WD was designed with a sympathetic style that suited the client’s budget yet took in visual elements that were used across the brand.

Strong call to actions along all 4 sides and simple sign-writing produced a simple yet well presented tour bus that was also used for advertising in nearby local towns.

Mungo Lodge Gift Shop

This sign was designed 3 metres long and and had a vinyl cut out. It was to clearly and confidently show the gift shop but also add to the branding visual elements used by Mungo Lodge. I designed and had the vinyl cut then applied the sign to the wall. Cutting the ‘g’ was important to keep a visual balance on the wall space, otherwise it would have looked to top heavy and not have worked effectively.

Mungo Bar & Bistro sign

This sign was designed to be 500mm across and vinyl cut as a unique way to show where the Bar & Bistro was in the lodge. Using colours, fonts and styles that worked across all the visual brand elements for Mungo Lodge.


Mungo Guided Tours A Frame

The Mungo Guided Tours A Frame was designed to let customers know they can book scenic flights over the Mungo National Park and Great Walls of China. The typography was chosen to easily work with the client’s computer and has been used through all the branding. Colours and visual elements are treated in the same manner.


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