Discover Murray River Branding

Discover Murray River Branding

One river; many lands

The Challenge

The Murray River is 2520 kilometres long and runs as a border between NSW and Victoria and finishes at the Coorong in South Australia.

The Solution

First the key was to develop a brand for the Murray River – Discover Murray River was born in 2007.

The Deliverables

  • Logo(s)
  • Maps
  • Videos
  • Signage
  • Interpretive elements
  • Photography
  • Website

The Process

Once I’d worked through the current brand needs of the region, I started developing different visual identity elements from both offline to online that aimed to continually build Discover Murray River’s presence in the region.

The Website

World’s largest Murray River Map

When you enter the Euston Club Resort you’re greeted by the world’s largest Murray River map on their reception wall. Map Design >

Murray River books

The Murray River is a spectacular and diverse landscape. As it winds through south-eastern Australia, it’s expanse of ancient and diverse landscapes showcase a layered tapestry of colours, textures and experiences.

Starting up near the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales and Victoria our aerial journey takes us from Khancoban at the base of the Kosciusko National Park along the stunning Upper Murray to the rushing waters that have carved steep cliff channels and fed vast river red gum forests. We then enter the Mallee and outback from the remote semi-arid landscape between Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, the Riverland, the inspiring carved golden fossilised cliffs of the Murraylands and out to the expanse of lakes Alexandrina and Albert, where it spills into the Coorong, Murray Mouth and finally the Southern Ocean.

The aerial landscape photography highlights the region’s lush farmlands with extensive vines, orchards and agriculture which are fed by the Murray’s valuable waters. When the high river comes these images capture the powerful beauty of a fast flowing river system where the river’s banks are broken and the floodplains enjoyed the glorious and vital benefits of those waters.

Welcome to the Murray River from above. A book many years in the making, where we hope you’ll love the journey and beauty of the river’s enchanting river landscapes from the air. Where the river’s thread of life and beauty becomes self evident through this stunning aerial book.

Outback & Mallee Book – Mildura & Surrounds

The Outback and Mallee takes in Mildura, Wentworth, Robinvale the Mallee and Millewa of Victoria and New South Wales to the South Australian border. A beautiful landscape with World Heritage Mungo National Parks, Murray-Sunset National Park and Hattah National Park. Great food, wine and other experiences on the Murray River to enjoy. This book showcases this wonderful region in an easy to read, contemporary style with great images.

Discover Murray River Passport and Visitor Guide

The development, concept and design of the Discover Murray River Passport and Visitor Guide was developed to help visitors and local businesses promote the Murray River region.

I also built and developed new town maps for visitors and a new stamp system for all the visitor centres along the region to encourage visitors to stop and enjoy each town. This all worked with the Discover Murray River apps I’d built at the time and website as one strong communication strategy including linking to advertisers websites.

The booklet was designed as a handy A5, 172 pages with vouchers.

Welcome to Euston town signs

The Euston Club Resort plays a vital role in the small riverside town of Euston. As part of its beautification support, the club sponsored 2 new town entrance signs. Sourcing some of my image options they chose to go with this beautiful and peaceful riverside photo to show visitors when they enter the town the Murray River is right there to enjoy. Big and bold typography that was contemporary was key to getting attention for the new town signs. I designed the signs and provided the photography and we work with a signwriter for installation of the skins.

Robinvale Euston town map

Brand Action designed and developed the Robinvale Euston town tourist map and driving routes. Needing a contemporary design that matched the freshness of the Robinvale Euston website and logo, Shane through Brand Action customised the town map and developed a tourist driving route for visitors to explore. Local businesses supported the town map and it was an opportunity also to promote the Robinvale War Memorial website. The Euston Club Resort were significant sponsors of the town’s maps and the design I kept in feel with the towns website and other branding that’s been developed. On the reverse of the map a regional map was developed with key tourism experience and attractions along with the use of photography by Shane Strudwick Images and Murray River Photos. 10,000 A3 tear off maps were printed on 110gsm gloss stock. This town map has also been converted to a Happee Trail ebook.

Murray Darling Basin Map

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