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There is no better high than discovery

E. O. Wilson

Anyone who bites the final bullet in the pursuit of a high mountain’s summit or in the foaming waters of a virtually unkayakable gorge is regarded, at best, as foolish. The source of this foolishness is ignorance…not of the brave folk who die in pursuit of their dreams, but of the people who judge them. Out There Magazine

Born June, 1969
Adelaide, South Australia

I think I was conceived by the banks of the Murray River. That would explain a few things about my passion for our great river.

Having grown up in Salisbury, South Australia during the 70s was fun. Kids were free to roam the streets, no issues, learning how to survive, new skills all without safety or protection. Lots of new and happening changes in society…I reflect fondly of the times.

Today, being older, I gratefully appreciate my knowledge and experiences pre-internet and combine them as I look to enjoy a diverse and wide range of interests the world has to offer today.

Over the years I’ve absorbed myself with technology and watched society change. The transformation of communication through the internet is more revolutionary than the printing press could ever be possible. The world’s moving fast and I’m loving the ride but I do know when to get off and smell the roses!

Being a passionate skydiver, photographer and brander allows me to see the world in detail and understand how humans are changing, communicating and responding to their environment and tribes. I enjoy learning about the human mind, the meaning humans make to things and the connections that bind us.

In my book ‘You Are Pure Gold‘ you can learn much more about me and why I love what I do. I hope you enjoy my brand, experience and value. Cheers


A Life Wire, Idea Connector, Brander & Visual Communicator
Creative | BrandingDigital | Web DesignerAuthor | Photographer | VideographerEntrepreneur | Trainer | Skydiver


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