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Gary Holland

Displays are an important part of any design strategy and are key to a customer’s decision making and communications. Fundamentally a great display aims to communication to achieve:

Customer Engagement

One of the primary purposes of creating displays is to engage customers through visual communication. By creating themed displays, you anticipate what might attract certain types of buyers and help point them in the right direction. 

Consistent Branding

Every aspect of a space helps contribute to the brand’s image and message. It’s not just the type of products being sold; the music, colour scheme and décor all play an influential role in sales as well. When selecting display units and fixtures, choose colours and styles that will appeal most to the clientele. And if you want to give customers a positive first impression of what you represent, it’s critical to keep your displays clean and fresh.


Optimising communication through good displays is critical. Arrange the create an open flow and smart layout. 

Department of Health Foyer Display

The Australian Department of Health commissioned myself to design and develop a new entrance way that gave visitors to their office a sense of what the department does and covers in the community in South Australia.

From indigenous to children, practitioners to elderly health both in cities and the region the foyer display showcased their role.

The key to the development and design of the foyer was about layers, diversity and flexibility. Utilising a bold digital image of a sunset from red to purples showed the landscape of Australia, the transparency of the vision was about confidence in the Department, images that were spaced off the wall in mono and colour also showed diversity and the free hanging banners allowed the display to move and not feel static which showed the flexibility of the department.

This was a very successful install and concept that was partially used in another floor as well.

End of the River Trade Interpretive Display Mannum Museum

The Mannum Dock Museum of River History approached Brand Action to design an interpretive display depicting the end of the river trade.

Using a combination of supplied resources of newspaper, photos and stories, we designed a panel as a story of the last trip by a paddle steamer. We also supplied illustrations from black and white concept to give life to the display.

The background kept in them with other elements of wood, steel etc with the use of a wool bale material texture to both add mood and emotion to the design.

Shearer Display

John and David Shearer in the late 1800s to 1900s were agricultural machinery manufacturers and inventors and very influential in Mannum. The River Dock Museum asked me to design a new interactive display that included a backlit panel board, digital display of rotating screens and large printed display mounted to the wall. Mannum Museum Branding >

World’s largest Murray River Map

When you enter the Euston Club Resort you’re greeted by the world’s largest Murray River map on their reception wall. The club wanted a map as a point of interest and to encourage tourism along the river and the region. The map measures 10m x 4m and was printed in 7 sections. I supplied all the design and photography and it also cross promoted Discover Murray River.

All Seasons Holiday Displays

The All Seasons Holiday Park games room is a great place to show guests all the different things there are in the park and around Mildura. The end of the wall is a very large mural of an aerial photo I took with All Seasons Houseboats branding that encapsulates the Mildura riverfront and byline ‘Now that’s a Holiday’ for additional promotion of the park’s sister business.

All Seasons Houseboats Container

All Seasons Houseboats are very good at capitalising on opportunities. They had a shipping container in their marina for maintenance and I designed a large format print for the back and side of the container to promote their houseboats. This included information about each houseboats including plans and QR codes.

The 40 foot container proved to be a great way to promote their houseboats for both photos and layout and a call to action for the website and 1800 number. When their new shed was built a new sign was created for the side wall.

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