Visit Wentworth – Australia’s Murray Darling Heartland Branding

Visit Wentworth Branding

The Heartland of Australia’s great rivers.

Branding helps to grow Australian regional tourism.

The Challenge

The Wentworth Shire sits between the Murray River and the Darling River. Its the far most south-western shire in New South Wales and only 30 kilometres from Mildura, Victoria.

The Solution

Creation of a new brand that was unique in the world and gave visitors a genuine and authentic reason to visit. The goal was to create a branding that no other place in the world could claim

The Process

After the initial consultation with the General manager and key staff at the Wentworth Shire, I produced a strategy that encompassed the needs of the Shire’s stakeholders. Something unique, something heritage, something that can be used across the entire region and a brand that would define a point of difference. 

The Deliverables

  • Logo(s)
  • Maps
  • Videos
  • Signage
  • Interpretive elements
  • Photography
  • Website

Shane was engaged to develop the new branding for the Wentworth region. Shane’s expertise and experience in tourism along the Murray River with his extensive branding skills proved very beneficial to engaging the community to develop a new branding strategy for the region.

Shane presented a 10 point plan which proved to be a successful model to unify tourism branding strategy. This included an audit of key visual elements that visitors experience including signage, digital media, maps, trails and merchandise. He also developed our very strong byline “Australia’s Murray Darling Heartland” in order to position us uniquely in the Australian and world tourism arena.

Shane had to juggle the diverse community needs of Council, industry, community and visitors to develop our branding successfully which he did. His passion and enthusiasm was always on display with assistance at our tri-annual Junction Rally where he extensively photographed and took video to assist the committee. He always looked for ways to help us be unique, stand out and ensure our brand is on course and was willing to help in anything we ask. 

It’s always a great pleasure working with him as he has a relaxed, friendly and professional manner and can easily relate to any team member or person involved in any project. I’d recommend Shane to anyone looking for a comprehensive and experience brand or visual communications strategy or project.” Karen Arnold

Visit Wentworth Region logo

Designing the Wentworth region logo was a complex strategy. The Wentworth Shire commissioned Brand Action to develop a new brand that embraced their unique region as well as was flexible across all mediums, signage and digital platforms.

The visual identity represents the outback NSW region with the great Murray River joining the Darling River and the ancient lands. The colours represent the earth, sky and the rivers.

Brand Action also developed the byline “Australia’s Murray Darling Heartland” to give visitors a compelling reason to visit this historic and ancient part of Australia’s story.

Wentworth Region town signs

Part of developing a foundation for a good regional brand is utilising all visual elements that visitors come into contact with. Brand Action have a 10 point plan and strategy to ensuring all the key touch points for visitors are consistent with the visual brand experience which the Wentworth Shire have followed to precision.

Town signs, visitor information bays and other interpretive sign all play a vital role in the development of a strong brand. Although due to highways regulations we couldn’t put the website on the main town entrance signs they have the strong brand elements.

The visitor information bays have a call to action using both website and QR codes and strong brand reference using both the ‘ribbons’ of life and the our byline ‘Australia’s Murray Darling Heartland‘.

Ultimately all elements in the Wentworth Shire (region) will have strong visual links back to the overall visual brand strategy.

Visit Wentworth Region website

Creating the Visit Wentworth Region branding has been challenging. Wentworth Shire resides between the Murray and the Darling Rivers. The town at the confluence of Australia’s great rivers. Brand Action developed a new regional visual ‘Australia’s Murray Darling Heartland’.

This byline attaches the size and significance of the Wentworth Shire. Brand Action focused on the diversity of the shire, Indigenous culture, great rivers, rich fertile soils and semi-arid landscape.

Wentworth Region Postcards

Working with the Wentworth Visitor Information Centre, Brand Action designed some great postcards that incorporate the Wentworth Region branding. The cards include a historic print of the Wentworth and the Darling Rivers from the 1800s.

Brand Action also did some drone photography to include with the aerial confluence of the Murray Darling Rivers photo. This project included print management on 300gsm cast coated board ready for sale to visitors.

Murray Darling Junction Interpretive sign

The design of the Murray Darling Junction Interpretive sign was a real joy and honour!

The previous sign had been long standing and tired. It is Australia’s Murray Darling Heartland and we had to design a sign that worked with the new branding we’ve designed as well as fit into the existing signage frame.

The front utilises an aerial photo by Shane Strudwick to show the river’s converging and the reverse of the sign has interpretive information about the significance of the river’s.

Wentworth Town and Region map

Working with the Wentworth Visitor Information Centre, Wentworth Shire Council and the local industry and community, Brand Action have gone on to fully develop the region’s new branding.

Creating the brand Wentworth Region: Australia’s Murray Darling Heartland.

Design a range of visuals that were fresh, inviting and consistent on brand message includes these wonderful region and town maps.

Wentworth Region Photography

As part of the work in the Shire, I photographed extensively around the region to capture the essence and produce a range of new images I could use when needed in tourism promotion. This included both ground and drone images. Shooting the region allows for the flexibility of using images in any promotions or merchandise.

Perry Sandhills Interpretive sign

The design of the Perry Sandhills Interpretive sign was a real joy and honour!

Wentworth Region Mildura Visitor Centre Display

The brand extended to a display at the Mildura Visitor Information Centre. I designed a series of drives from Mildura to Wentworth that could be scanned with the QR code and then encourage visitors to drive to the Murray Darling Heartland.

Wentworth Shire Region village signs

Working towards a holistic visual brand strategy of ‘Australia’s Murray Darling Heartland’ I designed this ‘village’ town signs for the local communities in the shire. Taking in the branding colours and boldness of visual and brand was important to maintain the over brand objectives.

Wentworth Happee Trail

The Wentworth Happee Trail is aimed to help visitors discover the unique stories of Wentworth, NSW. I designed and photographed the ebook and worked with the visitor centre on the content and they had a drive outlined. 

This tablet version shows how Wentworth was one of the busiest river ports on the Murray Darling river system and today has a small village feel packed with plenty of history and stunning views. From the junction of the Murray Darling Rivers to the ancient sands of the Perry Sandhills you’ll love exploring this town by foot, bike or car.

Time approx (drive): 1.5 hours (walk town section): 2.5 hours
Walk style: Easy & flat
Distance: 10.5km (+11km to Perry Sandhills return)
Format: epub ipad
Style: tablet/ipad device

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