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Shane Strudwick

The art of Map Design is rewarding. As maps relate to travel and are an essential communication tool, design maps is very much relative to the needs they server and the details required. Maps are a powerful and simple guide to discover something, whether it’s a location or a reference or to give better context to a story. Map design is very much a passion of mine and I’ve worked with many local groups, communities and organisations to deliver contemporary yet appropriate design services and stories with mapping.

Murray Darling Junction Interpretive sign

The design of the Murray Darling Junction Interpretive sign was a real joy and honour! The previous sign had been long standing and tired. It is Australia’s Murray Darling Heartland and we had to design a sign that worked with the new branding while fitting into the existing signage frame. The front utilises one of my aerial photos to show the river’s converging and the reverse of the sign has interpretive information about the significance of the river’s and the junction. See Wentworth Branding >

All Seasons Holiday Park Map

Maps are essential for holiday parks to guide their customers to the right cabin or camp area. I produced this design was introduced to make the park more contemporary and is uploaded to the client’s website and is updated as the client’s location changes. All Seasons Holiday Park branding >

River of Honour

Discover Murray River War Trail (VIC, NSW, SA)

The Murray River region across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia contains a vast range of War Memorials to honour the fallen and those that sacrificed themselves for Australia as well as highlight various wartime activities. 

This Discover Murray River War Trail aims to assist and educate those travelling our great river region to connect with the stories of the those communities who acknowledge their fallen and showcase some of the wonderful experiences, museums and monuments you can experience that preserve and protect the legacy of our diggers for the future. See more >

Mannum Heritage Walks

Morgan Happee Trail

Having worked with the Morgan and Cadell community and tourism for many years allowed me to see opportunities to help the communities grow tourism brand through improved branding resources, communication and education. 

Designing this Morgan Happee Trail is a hertiage walk around Morgan. Still one of the best preserved river towns on the Murray today. I still support the website and developing new trails, walks, business support brings me great reward.

Coorong Country Tourist Map and Guide

Working with the Coorong Country website, Brand Action developed an A2 folded map that closes to DL.

Brand Action went into the region to research new tourism and travel opportunities which included the development of a new tourist drive for the Tolmer Gold Escort Route. These new opportunties aim to help the region and local businesses by encouraging visitors to discover the Coorong’s natural beauty, stories and wildlife.

The map is available as a free download from the Coorong Country website as pdf. Coorong Branding >

World’s largest Murray River Map

When you enter the Euston Club Resort you’re greeted by the world’s largest Murray River map on their reception wall. The Euston Club approached me to design a large 10m x 4m wall map of the Murray River that really added value to visitors to the club and tourists travelling along the river. The map took sometime to develop due to the file sizes required for output working with a local signwriter.

Ngarrindjeri Journey of the Coorong, South Australia

This easy to follow A4 map as designed was part of the Murray River, Lakes and Coorong visitor guide.

The maps showcases the indigenous experiences in the Coorong, South Australia and also highlights the local drives the area. We designed a great character driven map that stood out on the page and showed the authenticity of the Ngarrindjeri culture. Coorong Branding >

Wentworth Town and Region map

Working with the Wentworth Visitor Information Centre, Wentworth Shire Council and the local industry and community, Brand Action have gone on to fully develop the region’s new branding. Creating the brand Wentworth Region: Australia’s Murray Darling Heartland.

Design a range of visuals that were fresh, inviting and consistent on brand message includes these wonderful region and town maps. Wentworth Branding >

Ashville & Albert Interpretive Map and Sign

Designing for the Ashville and Albert Hill community was as wonderful experience. Base between Tailem Bend, Wellington and Meningie the small Coorong community has celebrated its originals and original forefounders.

Mallee Highway Tourism Map

Great Country Grub map

Discover Murray River Passport and Visitor Guide

The development, concept and design of the Discover Murray River Passport and Visitor Guide was developed to help visitors and local businesses promote the Murray River region.

I also built and developed new town maps for visitors and a new stamp system for all the visitor centres along the region to encourage visitors to stop and enjoy each town. This all worked with the Discover Murray River apps I’d built at the time and website as one strong communication strategy including linking to advertisers websites.

The booklet was designed as a handy A5, 172 pages with vouchers. Discover Murray River Branding >

Central Eagle Aviation Flight Map

Narrung Peninsula Coorong Bird Map

Ouyen Town Mallee Map

The wonderful Mallee town of Ouyen in Victoria approached Brand Action to design a new town brochure and map. Working with Mallee Highway and Discover Murray we designed a refreshing new brochure for the town. Surrounded by National Parks we positioned Ouyen ‘Heart of Victoria’s North West Parks’. Overall image gives feel and character to promoting the region and town.

Murray River South Australia Map

All Seasons Mildura Regional Map

Mildura Shared Riverfront

Along the length of Murray River in Victoria, a strip of land approximately 60m (or 3 chains) in width was permanently reserved for public purposes in 1881. The 1989 Land Conservation Council Mallee Area Review classified the majority of this public land as Murray River Reserve, to be managed to protect its natural and scenic values, conserve flora and fauna, protect sites of archaeological, cultural and historical importance, allow flood mitigation, protect stream banks from erosion and provide opportunities for informal recreation. I designed and illustrated a series of interpretive signs that communicated the benefits of this in different parts of the walk for the Mildura Rural City Council.

Murray Bridge Street Map

Murray River Houseboats Map

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