Euston Club Resort Branding

Euston Club Resort Branding

Where you'll love relaxing by the Murray

The Challenge

The Euston Club Resort resides on the banks of the Murray River between Mildura and Swan Hill. Euston is also a twin town with Robinvale.

The Solution

When I started working with the Euston Club Resort in 2009 they had an established logo. It was a matter of working with the club’s colours and developing a visual identity that worked across all their visual communications to develop the brand. Working with the club’s core brand colours elements were introduced that connected with the flow of the river and landscape

The Website

The Deliverables

  • Logo(s)
  • Maps
  • Videos
  • Signage
  • Interpretive elements
  • Photography
  • Website

The Process

Once I’d worked through the current brand needs of the client we started developing different visual identity elements from both offline to online that aimed to continually build the club’s presence in the region.

Euston Club Resort video

The Euston Club Resort resides on a beautiful part of the Murray River. The club is an oasis of entertainment and a real surprise to new visitors. This video encapsulates the range of services the club offer including gaming, quality dining, entertainment and accommodation.

“Shane’s contributions to the club’s branding development and business strategies have been far reaching and appreciated. From visual identity and signage to working with our Sydney architects on the club’s multi-million dollar fit out. Shane’s contributions have included extensive photography and video for the club including drone images. 
He’s also contributed to all the important facets of the visual identity of the club to ensure we maintain our brand integrity and keeps us in check. Nothing is too big or too small. I can’t recommend Shane highly enough for an organisation looking for the professional experience and expertise Shane brings to every situation and business.” Ray Jones

Euston Club Resort website

Working with the Euston Club Resort on the Murray River near Robinvale was an opportunity to explore and better position their diverse gaming, club, accommodation and wonderful river atmosphere. The website continues with the visual branding elements and includes a secure log in area for Staff and Management to access. The staff can also update the website and manage its content and it is optimised with SEO for solid organise search results.

Euston Club Resort Courtesy Bus Wrap

Euston Club Resort based near Robinvale and Mildura approached myself through Brand Action to design them a full bus wrap for the courtesy bus. The brief was to be outstanding, positive, show entertainment and define the brand of the Club. The coin photos used on the back of the bus were shot in studio and made as part of the montage showing entertainment.

Euston Club Resort Marquee

The client asked me to design them a marquee that reflected the brand and voice of the club. After consideration we agreed a full print images all over would be farm more attractive and incorporate the club’s colours and visual branding. 

We decided to create a feel with the back wall of the marquee a full print with some of my photography so when patrons visited the marquee they would get a good ‘feeling’ of the clubs interior and location overlooking the Murray River.

The response to the marquee was very positive and an excellent marketing tool that made all the staff both comfortable and proud.

Euston Club Tinny and Ute signage

The design and production of the Euston Club Tinny and Ute signage was based on the existing Euston Club Resort brand and visual identity.

The club’s ute featured 3 panels that were redesigned in the corporate branding look and feel, the message was consistent ‘Where you love relaxing by the Murray’, logo, website, phone number and Facebook logo.

The tinny was a full wrap of the sides and rear in the club’s colours and visual branding or a club competition. The strong visual appear in the club’s branding works to enhance much of the work Brand Action has developed over the years in the marketplace for the Euston Club Resort.

Euston Club Resort A5 Racing Ad

Following in the brand consistency the the Euston Club Resort, I’ve developed a series of ads for magazines that include change of bylines to relation to the target market. This includes skiing, tennis, racing and more.

The brand remains on target and includes the promotion of website and Facebook pages via a QR code. This advertising also included the brand and logo for Station46 also developed by Brand Action.

Euston Club Resort Highway signs

The Euston Club Resort approached Brand Action to design a series of highway signs.

Brand Action created a variety of concepts for the client’s different locations along highways near their business. The signs are eye catching in a dry environment and stand out well. The use of images conveys the quality of the club’s experiences and branding relates to the website and other collateral Brand Action have developed.

Station46 Anti-crash Window Stickers

The Station46 Anti-crash Window Stickers at the Euston Club Resort were part of a new brand strategy for a new bistro redevelopment.

Working with the architects ABEO, the concept of the stickers were to meet building codes, have a place with the new interior design, still hold the values of the brand and work with the environment.

The stickers harmonise with the the space and run continuously along the winders.

The logo is placed to the right of each ‘group’ of windows and doors. Not being present all the time but having an anchor to the bistro. The silver neutralises with the design and the blue represents the Murray River in the brand’s colour.

World’s largest Murray River Map

When you enter the Euston Club Resort you’re greeted by the world’s largest Murray River map on their reception wall. The Euston Club approached me to design a large 10m x 4m wall map of the Murray River that really added value to visitors to the club and tourists travelling along the river. The map took sometime to develop due to the file sizes required for output working with a local signwriter.

Station46 Euston Club Photo Panel

The Station46 Euston Club Resort photo panel was a large undertaking. Working with the client Euston Club Resort, the ABEO Architect’s and Interior designer created a retractable panel for the bistro to separate family function area and main dining.

The panels can be moved back. The panels are glass the the architect designed the idea of transparent aerial image of the local Murray River landscape that still shows light however isn’t a solid panel.

When the panels are folded back it’s aim was to create a creative and abstract overlay of images.

Firstly accessing a unique image in such high resolution of 5m x 3m would be difficult. Shane was able to photograph the image from 12,000′ feet above and enlarge high enough resolution to then have printed on clear vinyl and applied to the glass.

The towns of Euston and Robinvale are featured with the Murray River and local landscape clearly and interestingly being portrayed for a stunning and functional space in the bistro.

Station46 logo design

Station46 holds the heritage of the region and the Euston Club Resort is a station for the local community. A place to replenish and restock. Station46 is a strong, bold name with Station type that has a slight hint of wool stencil in a contemporary font. 46 is the same font as Euston Club. 

The colours needed to integrate well with the blue from the Euston Club logo and the dark brown pulling in the heritage, strength but importantly strong colour for branding and advertising. The font design works with the natural timbers and surroundings yet anchors the long lounge, dining and new centralised bar…the Station together as a meeting point.

Station46 Menu Design

The cover for the Station46 menu was originated in harmony with the new centralised bar that has belts around the outside. This naturally tied in the design of the front cover and an embossed logo for simplicity and rustic nature.

The design of menus need to suit the clients needs so Brand Action devised the full design and had shells printed in colour allowing the client to overprint menu changes as necessary. Brand Action supplied the final file for the client who purchased the necessary fonts to allow for printing in the brand developed.

The final print was cost effective, A3 scored and folded into thirds with the story of the Station46 on the reverse linked to the website with a QR code for convenience. 

Euston Club Resort Photography

As part of the services for the Euston Club Resort includes a range of photography to showcase the best of the club, restaurants and accommodation. I set about ensuring customers and visitors would have a complete sense of the quality of the club right on the edge of Murray River. The images included both aerial and ground shots including and video from around the club. Fortunately I have a diverse range of skills and experience that ensure customers have the complete package in their Branding. Also I bring a cohesion to the project development as I can see how things all fit together right from the start. This saves time, money and headaches.

Euston Club Brand Pyramid Workshop

Fundamentally developing a brand is about understanding what you stand for. I worked closely with over 40 staff to developing a Brand Pyramid for the Euston Club Resort which has become the foundation of operation for their organisation. Their Brand Pyramid allows them as individuals and as an organisation to know ‘now we know what we stand for’. This creates transformations and a foundation in the organisation!  Brand Pyramid >

Murray River Salami Festival website

Murray River Salami Festival logo

Murray River Salami Festival video

Welcome to Euston town signs

The Euston Club Resort plays a vital role in the small riverside town of Euston. As part of its beautification support, the club sponsored 2 new town entrance signs. Sourcing some of my image options they chose to go with this beautiful and peaceful riverside photo to show visitors when they enter the town the Murray River is right there to enjoy. Big and bold typography that was contemporary was key to getting attention for the new town signs. I designed the signs and provided the photography and we work with a signwriter for installation of the skins.

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