Meningie and the Coorong Branding

Meningie and the Coorong Branding

At the Heart of the Coorong

The Challenge

When I began tourism and destination marketing in the  Coorong region in 2010, it was considered a black hole in the tourism sector of South Australia. A forgotten landscape yet contained amazing natural beauty and stories. Working with the local community, mainly in Meningie, I was able develop new branding, communications and signage along with a range of video and photography to promote the region. 

The Solution

Set up the brand and work with the local community on the basic visual communication needs for a tourism strategy. 

The Website

The Deliverables

  • Logo(s)
  • Maps
  • Videos
  • Signage
  • Interpretive elements
  • Photography
  • Website

The Process

Originally we had a community tourist meeting in 2010 in Meningie and outlined the basic strategy to help the community grow its tourism and destination marketing. On a very busy highway with the Adelaide to Melbourne Touring Route, Meningie and the boarder Coorong had many stories, history, indigenous culture and natural landscapes. The was particularly important with the drought taking place. Over the years we’ve helped maintain the basics to promote the area and develop marketing assets.

Coorong Country website

The design and branding for Coorong Country has been a great experience. The region was forgotten in many was in the South Australian tourism environment and the local community approached Brand Action to develop a website and brand that supported their passion for the region.

After establishing a brand and researching stories, we utilised our photographic library to begin developing a website that was also responsive and SEO focused. The website now has regular visitation and works well with the Coorong Country tourist map that Brand Action also produced along with other collateral such as signs and banners in the region.

Coorong Video

Video of the Meningie and Coorong region

Ashville & Albert Interpretive map

Designing for the Ashville and Albert Hill community was as wonderful experience. Base between Tailem Bend, Wellington and Meningie the small Coorong community has celebrated its originals and original forefounders.

Narrung Peninsula Coorong Bird Map

Meningie Pink Lake sign

Coorong Country logo

Ngarrindjeri Journey of the Coorong, South Australia

This easy to follow A4 map as designed was part of the Murray River, Lakes and Coorong visitor guide.

The maps showcases the indigenous experiences in the Coorong, South Australia and also highlights the local drives the area. We designed a great character driven map that stood out on the page and showed the authenticity of the Ngarrindjeri culture.

Birds of the Coorong banners

The Meningie Progress Association approached Brand Action about the design of some pull up banners to promote the Coorong and Lakes Waterbirds and Shorebirds.

With the use of illustrations supplied we design a simple yet elegant pull up banner (850mm x 2000mm) that the client can use in displays and at stands. This goes with the Coorong Country website and Coorong Birdwatcher’s Trail.

Coorong Country Tourist Map and Guide

Working with the Coorong Country website, Brand Action developed an A2 folded map that closes to DL.

Brand Action went into the region to research new tourism and travel opportunities which included the development of a new tourist drive for the Tolmer Gold Escort Route. These new opportunties aim to help the region and local businesses by encouraging visitors to discover the Coorong’s natural beauty, stories and wildlife.

The map is available as a free download from the Coorong Country website as pdf.

The ‘Very Good Water’ Rock sign

The Friends of the Coorong approached me to design a very simple interpretive sign 600x900mm for a historic ‘Very Good Water’ rock in the Coorong. The brief was based on Parks SA colours and styles so the design was very simple using some old images that need to be retouched and improved for higher resolution printing onto ACM. Historic Design >

Coorong Country Happee Trails eBook guide Tablet

The Coorong and National Park an ancient coastal wilderness!

Tablet Version: A little over two hours drive from Adelaide and north of the Limestone Coast you will discover a spectacular natural ancient landscape…an unspoilt and untouched coastal wilderness that is breathtaking and abundant…welcome to Coorong Country!

Soak up the peaceful atmosphere and relaxed lifestyle of our laid back waterfront towns. Meningie is the gateway to the Coorong National Park and Coorong Country however you’ll enjoy Salt Creek, Narrung and Raukkan on your adventures in the region as well. We surroung the shores of vast Lake Albert; a freshwater lake separated from Lake Alexandrina by the Narrung Narrows at the northern end of the Coorong and fed by Australia’s great Murray River. Enjoy a local Coorong Country Drive and experience the best of a rugged windswept coastline and good farming and grazing lands.

Guides not available yet for purchase from Happee Trails.

Coorong Country Banner

Working with the Meningie Progress Association, Brand Action was approached to take the existing Coorong Country map and create an 850x2000mm banner. Shane and Andrew in Rundle Mall promoting tourism and travel in the Coorong Country in 2014.

Meningie Town Map

Working with the Coorong District Council, we assisted in the development of a Meningie map. With funding as part of the Coorong Healthy Highways which is all about providing fresh and healthy food options to everyone, and Meningie is a proud supporter of Coorong Healthy Highways!

The brochure was a directory of local businesses in Meningie as well as supply of photos and design extensive town map while keeping the Coorong Country branding.

Salt Creek Branding and Brochure

The owner of the Salt Creek Roadhouse, Adam approached Brand Action to design a more local map of the Salt Creek area. From existing content we were able to draw much more detail on the very fascinating Salt Creek area with the Coorong National Park. New photos and information on the area from the guidance of Adam.

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