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My soul is in the sky

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

My first parachute jump I can remember like it was yesterday. At a drop zone just south of Adelaide at Strathalbyn. It was static line and under an old school round parachute. I was scared, I was excited, I was unsure but I know I wanted to push myself to a place I’d never experienced before. In 1989 the opportunity came about to learn to skydive and while doing my apprenticeship I was drawn to this crazy experience. Although I don’t remember the first few seconds, I was hooked.

All these years later, although I don’t skydive as much any more. It’s in my blood and remains a core passion though. I’m so grateful for the amazing people I’ve met, lifelong friends I have and the wild experiences and travels I’ve enjoyed. So many memories and a level of peace and freedom I’ve never experience in any other sport or adventure.

Skydiving has given me many skills…especially my fast decision making in business!


1992 Australian Grand Prix demo over Adelaide, South Australia

Zesty 1990s Skydiving Video

During the 1990s I did a lot of video for AFF, Tandem and team competitions both in trainings and meets. It was a blast! I shot on a Sony Video 8 camera and ran a Ricoh SLR on the front of the helmet mount with a tongue trigger release button. The video below was an edit I did back in the day of various footage over the years and was edited from VCR to VCR, hence both the dodgy pausing and low resolution. Great days jumping at Strathalbyn, Lower Light, Corowa, Broken Hill and Katherine.

Zesty Adelaide Oval Demo

Around 1994 I got the opportunity to do a demonstration jump into the test cricket at the Adelaide Oval. Demos are great fun and you need to ensure you’re on the ball with skills, safety and timing. This demo was one of my favourites. Flying over Adelaide and jumping into the iconic oval back in the day. It was hot and no wind so I remember setting up over the grand stand and a very face and nice turf surf towards the south eastern corner of the oval and crowd. Marvellous!

1994 Adelaide Oval Cricket Demo

Zesty Football Park Demo

Parachute demo early 1990s into Football Park, West Lakes
Parachute demo early 1990s into Football Park, West Lakes

NZ Record Attempt

32 way New Zealand Record attempt 1996

Jumpathon for Disadvantaged Youth

In 2014 myself, Jed and Boeks did a Jumpathon raising money for disadvantaged youth! Youthinc enables mentoring, guidance and employment for young people who want to make a positive difference to their lives and get off welfare. Some have had really hard lives and are so young so the opportunity to help make a difference is inspiring. 

In the Jumpathon I was aiming to do 25 jumps in a day each to celebrate 25 years in sport skydiving. However we achieved 19 due to strong winds and finished the other 6 the next weekend. In the end I raised over $3500 from $1 jump sponsorship.

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