All Seasons Holiday Park Branding

All Seasons Holiday Park Branding

All Seasons Holiday Park

The Family Friendly Park

Branding helps define a Mildura holiday park

The Challenge

All Seasons Holiday Park approached me in 2005 to assist them in rebranding their holiday park. We worked with their All Seasons Houseboats company and ensured the branding mirrored the Holiday Park. The old branding was dated and need updating.

The Solution

Having the foundation of the visual identity from the Houseboats, I was able to start implementation of the brand through the park. This include signage and other marketing collateral along with digital mediums.

The Deliverables

  • Website
  • Logo
  • Signage
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Video

The Process

Essentially the process of rolling out a good and consitent brand for the client has been over time. Each small project requires attention as its need. The important part is to refer to the branding manual and references for future projects to ensure the look and feel remains the same over a period of time.

The client have invested in a professional looking visual identity that increased the value of their business both as it compliments their amazing park and also attractions both visitors and customers which improving the overall asset of the park for potential future investors.

The Website

“We have worked with Brand Action since 2005 and together built, developed and grown our brand and product. Shane is incredibly talented in all aspects of Brand Action and delivers a product that the customer can use, understand and is involved in. I highly recommend Brand Action and together we have achieved incredible results for our business.” Jodie Bromley

All Seasons Holiday Park logo

The concept for the logo was based on various needs. The logo utilises various elements of the client’s location in the semi-arid landscape of Mildura. Colours include blue for the sky and water, orange for the sands and sun and gold for the sunsets and sunrises. The logo has a slight nautical feel and typography utilises both casual and contemporary fonts. The logo and style have worked well since 2005 and established a strong presence in the marketplace.

All Seasons Holiday Park video

Over a period of years, I’ve been developing a series of walk through videos for each cabin in the park.

All Seasons Holiday Park website

All Seasons Holiday Displays

The All Seasons Holiday Park games room is a great place to show guests all the different things there are in the park and around Mildura. The end of the wall is a very large mural of an aerial photo I took with All Seasons Houseboats branding that encapsulates the Mildura riverfront and byline ‘Now that’s a Holiday’ for additional promotion of the park’s sister business.

All Seasons Holiday Park signage

One of the main areas to initially focus on for the client was the redesign of their park signs. Once we’ve established the logo and visual elements we were able to start the design of the signage that was badly in need of attention. The park is on a main road and the colour palette we’d chosen makes the signs stand out brilliantly against the green foliage.

All Seasons Holiday Splash Park signs

All Seasons Holiday Park Photography

Working with All Seasons Holiday Park over many years has seen a diverse range of photography of their amazing park and accommodation. The holiday park photo shoots are designed to show the product off in the best light for customers to get a genuine sense of the quality of the park and experience. Shooting the holiday park keeps the brand consistent for customers expectations of quality and consistency.

All Seasons Holiday Park signage

All Seasons Holiday Splash Park signs

Toilet Signs

I designed these toilet signs as part of the Splash Park for All Seasons. We agreed the signs had to be fun and have a theme. I’d suggested rather than normal toilet symbols to create superhero characters for children to relate to and feel great about themselves. The colours are in fitting with the park’s overall visual identity and work great.

All Seasons Holiday Park maps

Maps are essential for holiday parks to guide their customers to the right cabin or camp area. I produced this design was introduced to make the park more contemporary and is uploaded to the client’s website and is updated as the client’s location changes.

All Seasons Holiday Park Herb Garden sign

This sign was designed to be placed in the Park’s camp kitchen. The size is 1m x 1m and was designed to feel down to earth and rustic. There was a move away from the park’s font to create a bespoke feel in the kitchen.

Splash Park signs

I’d designed a range of signs for the All Seasons Holiday Park Splash Park. One example is this food and drink sign. Keeping the signs with visual identity that has been established through the park keeps the business looking professional. Colours, shapes and text are used consistently across the park.

All Seasons Holiday Park DL Flyer

The design of the DL flyer was a modification of the existing A4 flyer. With the changes in internet accessibility for customers, this flyer was a focus on core information for the customer, great visuals and information that was a call to action. A limited run were printed and distributed to the local visitor centre. The flyer incorporated a small map and use of QR code for ease of access for customers on their phones.

Family Fun Sign

The All Seasons Holiday Park has a range of different family fun experiences. l designed this 1m x 1m display sign that was placed in the park’s games room to promote the experiences including splash park, pedal karts, canoes, kayaks, bikes and more.

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