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Rome - Zesty World Adventure

This was a train trip from Prague via Vienna and through the Alps overnight on a sleeper. Was spectacular coming through the Alps and it’d make great campervan trip one day. Rome is a busy city. We caught the hop on hop off bus and got to see the sights. Our first main site was the Colosseum which was sensational. Just had to share the experience with what seemed link a million other people. Once inside I could only imagine the feat it took to build it and how amazing it would have been all covered in marble. We made our way to Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. I had my birthday in Rome and took a horse ride with Jayden around the streets. We made our way to Vatican City and museum. Fortunately we didn’t really need to line up as it was hot. The boys did great dealing with “boring” museum stuff. Rome certainly is an amazing city.

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